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Policies and Manuals

CSU Principal Investigator’s Manual

Subcontracting Manual (PDF)

Talking to Potential Commercial Sponsors about Research, Clinical Trial, or Service Agreements (PDF)


Effort Certification Training (PDF)

NIH Public Access Policy (PDF)

Policies and Procedures

Particiant Support Costs in Budgets

CSU's Implementation of the New NSF Two-Month Salary Policy (PDF)

Criteria for Determining Acceptability of Charging Administrative Costs to Sponsored Agreements (PDF)

Allocation of Computer and Computer-Related Products as Direct Costs to Sponsored Projects (PDF)

Over Expenditures (PDF)

Guidance and Resources for Issuing Subawards to International Organizations (PDF)


NSF Data Management Plans

Effective January 18, 2011, NSF requires that all proposals submitted include a supplementary document, not to exceed two pages, which describes how the proposal will conform to the NSF Data Sharing Policy.  The templates displayed on the following link are meant to assist CSU investigators and their administrative staff in developing a Data Management Plan consistent with NSF's requirement.

NSF Data Management Plans  (Maintained by CSU Libraries)

Research Agreement Templates

Master Research and Development Agreement (with facilities) (PDF)

Master Research and Development Agreement (without facilities) (PDF)

Sponsored Programs Research Agreement (PDF)

Sponsored Programs Services Agreement (PDF)

Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF)